Summer Application

YMCA Camp Winona is seeking motivated and energetic staff members to work with our campers and help them reach their God-given potential while at camp. Look over these questions below and ask yourself if you have that drive to be a staff member.

Who Should Apply?

  • Are you interested in working with children to help them increase their self-esteem and confidence?
  • Are you ready for smiles and laughter from the children?
  • Are you willing to be a role model for campers and staff all day, every day?
  • Are you ready to be challenged personally in ways you have never been before?
  • Can you deal with limited time off and limited personal space?
  • Are you willing to be an active part of a team? Putting yourself and your personal needs behind those of the camp community?
  • Are you willing to take from your life and invest in the lives of others?
  • Are you willing to change the lives of children and maybe even yourself?
  • Do you have a desire to make new friends that you will have for the rest of your life?
  • Are you ready to work harder and have more fun than you ever have had?
  • Are you willing to try new things?
  • Are you a person with strong moral values?
  • Are you ready to be hot and in the outdoors all day?
  • Are you willing to be silly and a little crazy at times with the campers?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, we encourage and welcome your application.

Application Process

Please complete an application packet (YMCA Application and Questionnaire) and return it to the camp office as soon as possible. REMEMBER-We will not consider any application until we have received all references and other forms, so please be sure to get them completed and sent to the camp office promptly.

Once your application and references are in order, you will be contacted either by phone or email as to the status of your application. Interviews may be conducted in person or by telephone.

As you decide how you best fit in with our staff team, look through our staff information. If you are interested in working with camp this summer please take time to fill out both the application and questionnaire and submit the reference link to three different references. Click on the links below for each. We will schedule an interview in person or by phone once we have all the required paperwork. Please remember to click on and download each of these links:

Send completed Application Packet to