Camp Policies





  • Children are to be supervised at all times. All children shall be in sight or sound of an adult at all times. No adult/staff/teacher/chaperone shall be alone with a single child for any reason. No adult/stings and woods.
  • Illegal drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited! If found, the result will be the dismissal of violators from camp with no fees being refunded.
  • YMCA Camp Winona is a Tobacco-Free facility. This includes all tobacco-derived products including e-cigarettes and vaping products.
  • All trash created by your group is your group’s responsibility! Please put all trash in the dumpster by the dining hall. To avoid unwanted wild animal visits, food remains need to be taken care of immediately and disposed of in a sealed bag and taken to the dumpster. Please do not leave food in trash cans.
  • Quiet hours are between 11:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. They are to be strictly observed.
  • Please report any grounds or maintenance problems to the Camp Director or Staff when noticed.
  • Please leave camp in the same condition or better as it is upon your arrival. Groups will be charged for damages and the Camp Director has the authority to dismiss any or all members from the camp for causing damage to the camp or its facilities.
  • Swimming is allowed at predetermined times only. A YMCA Camp Winona Lifeguard must be on duty during all water activities.
  • Canoes/Kayaking is allowed at predetermined times only. A YMCA Camp Winona Lifeguard must be on duty & Life jackets must be worn by EVERYONE.
  • Recreational equipment must be returned to the camp office and accounted for.
  • No unauthorized vehicles are allowed in areas other than designated parking areas. Groups found to be driving across fields will be assessed a $100 fee. Our water pipes are located in these fields.
  • Please avoid all areas surrounding staff homes on camp.
  • Pre-approved fires are allowed in designated areas only and only in elevated fire stands. (Fallen logs/branches only. No trees may be cut down.) No fires go directly onto the ground except in Camp Winona fire rings located one in Girl’s Village, one in Boy’s Village and the main Fire Circle.
  • No candles or open flame may be lit inside the cabins.
  • Please stay within the confines of YMCA Camp Winona property, designated by a wire fence. Shoreline property is private.
  • No pets are permitted on the camp property. We must be notified if bringing a service dog.
  • First Aid is the responsibility of each group. In an EMERGENCY call 911 and the Camp Director.
  • No Weapons of any sort are allowed on Camp Winona property.
  • Camp Winona is not responsible for any stolen or lost property of the group or its members.
  • User groups with participants under 18 years old are to provide a sufficient number of adults to meet YMCA Camp Winona supervision policies. (1 adult to 6 participants)
  • The Ropes/Challenge Course, Lakefront, Paintball Arenas and Maintenance/Storage buildings are restricted areas! No one should be in those areas unless they are with a Camp Winona Staff person.
  • Please keep the AC/Heat & lights off unless you are in the cabin. Do not set below 72ºF or unit will freeze.
  • All AC remotes will need to be turned into the office before leaving. One control will control any unit.
  • Please do not flush anything but toilet paper down the toilets. If any toilet will not flush notify camp personnel so that problem may be fixed. Do not use!
  • If there is a problem with another group on the property, contact the camp director so he can resolve the issue.
  • RV Toilet Paper only – we are NOT a dumping station – groups found to be dumping their septic will be fined.
  • All groups must provide a minimum of 15 persons (or the equivalent) and $200 per group rental as well as the required group insurance.



These policies have been designed to ensure your safety and enjoyment at YMCA Camp Winona. We hope your stay here is a pleasant one.